PODCAST August 17, 2022

GT Legal Food Talk Episode 17: Setting the Table: Greenberg Traurig's Riley Lagesen and the Restaurant Industry

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In this episode of Legal Food Talk, host Justin Prochnow joins Greenberg Traurig colleague Riley Lagesen at the counter to talk about the restaurant industry. Riley breaks down how he got started working with restaurants and what led to creating a restaurant-focused legal practice. Riley also talks about joining Greenberg Traurig and how he and the other Portland-based members of the Global Restaurant Industry Group have transitioned to the firm's global platform. The duo discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry and how they worked with clients to manage the many hurdles created before and after the pandemic. Riley also talks about some of the great collaborations he has worked on with celebrity chefs, actors, and athletes to help companies both navigate the restaurant industry and give back to the community. This is a podcast for any occasion, whether it's a quick bite with coffee and a croissant, an afternoon snack, or a sit down eight-course meal!

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